Ubud What to Do List for Traveller

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Ubud What To Do List for Traveller– Do you remember Julia Robert’s movie, Eat, Pray, Love? For those of you who have watched, surely remember some scenes in this film done in Bali, especially in the Ubud area. Why was Ubud chosen as the location of this film?

Ubud is a tourist destination that is also often a list of places that must visit, whether it is local or foreign tourists if they vacation to Bali. Ubud, with its culture and stunning natural geographical conditions, makes Ubud very interesting to visit.

Suppose you plan to vacation to Ubud, the following places as a reference so that your vacation is more impressive and fun. Here are five places in Ubud that must be on your travel list.

Monkey Forest

With more than 27 hectares, Ubud Monkey Forest is home to thousands of monkeys that escape the wild. This forest area is also filled with trees that are hundreds of years old.

In addition to being used as a tourist attraction, Monkey Forest Ubud is also used as a research and conservation center. Monkeys are also an essential component of the local community.

What to do in Monkey Forest?

Tourist activity while in Ubud Monkey Forest is a walk, while photographs. Do not forget to bring or buy bananas at the entrance so that you can feed the monkeys here.

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours 

Ticket prices for the adult category is IDR 50.000 per person, and children aged 3 to 12 years will be charged IDR 40.000 per person. Does it seem affordable? For an operational time, don’t worry because Monkey Forest Ubud is open every Monday to Sunday from 08.30 – 18.00 WITA. So you can go to this tourist attraction at any time.

Bukit Campuhan (Campuhan Hill)

Are you planning to enjoy the sunrise in Ubud? Campuhan Hill is a great place to admire the sunrise. The hill flanked by valleys and covered with weeds is also often referred to by the name “Hill of Love.” 

Many people say this place is often used by young couples to date in the afternoon because of its romantic atmosphere. 

What to do in Bukit Campuhan?

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  • Jogging and Trekking

You can jog or trek while enjoying the green natural scenery on Campuhan Hill. It will be suitable for you to test adrenaline in an open space with challenging street contours.

The route that you can pass is also well available, with reasonably good road conditions and a length of about 2 kilometers.

Tips for visiting Campuhan Hill that you need to pay attention

  • Bring food and drinks for supplies when you struggle to find small stalls around Campuhan Hill because it’s quite far away.
  • The best time to visit Campuhan Hill – the best time is when you want to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. You can see the view without any hindering. You can do this while jogging or trekking. Seems interesting, right?
  • Respect the sacred area of Pura – to respect this sanctified area. Then you need to pay attention to your ethics or behavior that can offend local authorities. 
  • Do not smoke or use drugs, and you need to maintain the cleanliness of this Campuhan Hill area as a form of respect after the activity. 
  • Bring your favorite camera – this is certainly something that should not forget to capture some of your precious moments. 

Tegalalang Ricefield

This tourist attraction is a rice field that offers unique and beautiful scenery. Unlike rice fields in other cities, this area is designed in a terraced manner, thus creating charming green terraces.

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Although not as beautiful as other attractions in Bali, Tegalalang Rice Terrace offers a “home village” experience worth adding to tour packages on the Island of the Gods. The choice of activities is not as much as the activities offered by other attractions. However, the exercises below are worth trying when visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace.

What to do in Tegalalang Rice Field

  • Exploration of Rice Fields

The main attraction of this area is, of course, the scenic rice fields. The steps form a kind of rice terraces that you can explore. 

This area also looks more beautiful with the number of trees that create a dark atmosphere under the hot sunlight. While walking down the rice fields, you can also see farmers growing rice or plowing rice fields. Uniquely, they do not hesitate to pose when you point to the camera.

  • Photo Sessions like a Farmer

In addition to walking through the rice fields, you can also take pictures while wearing typical farmer properties such as caping hats and woven baskets. Working farmers usually allow visitors to use the property and take pictures. 

This simple activity can be an exciting option, especially for those who like to upload photos to Instagram. After taking pictures with the property, it’s good to give a little “donation” to the working farmers.

Tips for Visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace provides a different experience from other attractions in Bali, especially beach tour packages. To visit feel more enjoyable, there are some tips that you can follow:

  • Don’t miss the delicious lunch at a café or restaurant that offers panoramic views of green rice fields. The variety of menu options available is guaranteed to make you satisfied.
  • After tired of walking through the rice fields, try to enjoy the fresh, original coconut water that is widely sold near the saung-saung scattered around the rice fields while resting and soothing.
  • Try to visit a cottage industry center that is not far from the rice fields. You can buy wooden and iron decorations in the form of cats, giraffes, dolphins, and others. Because of the contours of the ground, wear the proper footwear such as sneakers or boots. In addition, female visitors are advised to wear pants to make walking the trail along with the rice fields easier.

Ubud Art Market

Ubud art market is a must-visit place that many tourists visit either from domestic or foreign countries to hunt souvenirs typical of Balinese culture and art to be given to family and friends.

The traditional art market is located at Jalan Raya Ubud No.35 – Ubud, Bali. The location is very strategic and passed by many tourists. Moreover, the place is adjacent to the tourist attractions of Ubud Castle, which only takes about 3 minutes on foot.

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Ubud traditional art market opening hours range from 04.00 to 18.00.

Visitors will not be charged (free) to enter Ubud market art. Visitors can explore the market area to look around and buy artwork because all artwork is displayed on the street.

The best time to visit the Ubud art market is in the morning. It takes about less than 2 hours for visitors to explore the market, let alone to look around and buy. Especially for art lovers because there are so many handicrafts and arts sold in this market, the morning is the right time.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall attraction is located in the Kemenuh area, approximately 20 minutes from Ubud center. The location of the waterfall is not on the core road. To find the place of Kemenuh Waterfall, you need to go down the stairs that number hundreds of the parking areas. Once you go down the stairs, you will find the lip of the Petanu river.

Tegenungan Waterfall has a height of about 15 meters but has a fairly large water discharge. The waterfall discharge will be massive during the rainy season, which is the range of December to February. At the base of the waterfall, you will find a small area such as a pond.

What to do in Tegenungan Waterfall

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  • Soaking

The water in the pool is apparent and suitable for those of you who want to play water or soak. Dressing room facilities are also available, so you don’t have to worry if you’re going to swim. 

In addition, there is a lifeguard who always pays attention to tourists when soaking. During the rainy season, it is recommended that you do not try to soak because the water discharge is enormous, and the water is not too clear.

If you don’t want to soak, you can sit back at the bottom of the waterfall while enjoying the view. Besides being able to see the view of the waterfall, at the location of this waterfall, you can also see the temple and water leaks that come from natural springs.

Entrance fee and opening hours

Main Tegenungan Waterfall Entrance Ticket Rp 20,000/Person

Entrance Ticket To The Waterfall Rp 15,000 /Person

Car Park Rp 5,000.

Tegenungan Waterfall entrance counter is open from 06:30 – 18:30. The best time to visit is in the morning around 07:00, to avoid the hot weather. You can also come in the afternoon around 16:30 so that the sun is reduced.

Those are five places that you must visit if you are going to Ubud. Happy traveling!